Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Roses, Bees, and More Blooms

I have always been that person that sees a bee and run, possibly screams. Flails for sure. As I acquire more and more roses I'm starting to get used to them. I feel confident that when I'm standing beside a zillion rose blooms the bee wants their nectar, and not mine. The other day I was looking in on my front bed and found this little furball chillin' on a leaf. He didn't look injured, just as though he was sunbathing, maybe? Tired from eating too much goodness? I got I close with my camera, and zoomed in a tiny bit. He posed for me. I'm making progress, getting brave.

A profile picture of my new bee friend.

Much of the early large flowered clematis are fading, but my little 'Ville De Lyon' is not giving up yet. She seems to make more flowers overnight. I guess she has some pent-up bloomage after a few years of doing nothing above ground?

I find this 'Etiolle Violette' magificent. This was my very first clematis, the reason I fell in love with the flower to begin with. It rewards me year after year with hundreds, this year maybe a thousand flowers. Gotta love a plant like that.

Knowing so little about clematis my first one was given only a simple trellis to grow on. This year, after her first good prune, she quickly outgrew her home. I was forced to improvise. I found a branch with a nice arch and afixed it between the two trellises here. Then, I tied twine between the trellises below provide a bridge. On the right I tied the twine to a water drain pipe on the side of the house. I think this clematis likes her new shape.

I have two climbing 'golden showers' framing the entrance to my edible garden. They are only about 3 feet high this time of the season, but they are pushing out a awesome bloom show. They should reach the top of the arbor by mid-late summer, and they repeat over and over.

A smaller 'Fragrant Cloud' bloom

First 'Heirloom' bloom in my yard. I rescued this one from a Menard's store closing where hundreds of roses were dead... so glad this one's thriving. Not a great shot, but the kids crushed her before I could get another one later in the day, LOL.

It's safe to say, I'm in love with 'Love'. This rose caught my eye at the local nursery, but at the time I did not have $25.99 for a single plant. I later found it at Home Depot, bare root, for $6. It turned out to have two roses in one bare root bag. I was hoping at least one would be 'Love,' and it looks like they both are 'Love.' I'm pleased. This rose is special, with it's white reverse and red centers.

Finally, I cleaned my fountain up good the other day. I put a product (natural enzymes) in it to keep the gunk at bay. It looked great, but this morning I noticed my sons threw dirt in it last night. Gotta love having little boys, eh?
Have a great day everyone!
Happy Gardening!

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cindee said...

Everything is looking so healthy and beautiful!!!! I really enjoy the sound of running water. I bet your fountain is very soothing on a summer afternoon!! When my kids were little they thought it was nice to wash their dirty hands in the fountains. I did convince them that it was not the best idea. It didn't stop the cats from getting a drink though...(-: