Monday, June 9, 2008

A Few Weekend Blooms

There's a lot going on out in the garden this week. We've had tons of rain; I'd guess upwards of 8-9 inches in the last 10 days, maybe more. There are plenty of plants down in the mud, tipped or broken from winds. The ground is like a swamp that squishes when we step. I've never seen rain like this before, and I lived in Southern California during El Nino 1993-4, folks.

Despite all of the rain, there were a few dry and hot hours I could get out and take pictures here and there.

Lamb's Ear with daisy, zinnia, viola, snapdragons, and allium & more


Peony "Karl Rosenfeld"

Pinks (from seed)

Delphinium "Light Blue/Dark Bee Magic Fountains"

This container is shining this week: nemesia, annual phlox, pansies, sweet potato vine, profusion fire zinnia, calibrochia, purple heart
Painted Daisy and German Chamomile (both from seed)

Lettuce "Green Ice"

Campanula "Sarostra"
Fragrant Cloud, with a delightfully potent fragrance of rose.

Brother Cadfael. What a sniffer! Heavenly. But then again, I'd expect nothing else from a David Austin rose, right?

O' Rilla turns out to also be a smelly treat, but the awesome salmon red color is what gets me the most about this one. Gorgeous, unique.

Ramblin Red has a surprisingly spicy fragrance. I thought having such intense color and hardiness could have meant the makers would have had to sacrifice on scent... not the case at all!

Happy, happy gardening everyone!

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