Wednesday, June 4, 2008

A few more blooms...

Random blooms to share:

By far my favorite container of the season, loaded with trailing blue lobelia, purple angelonia, lysimachia, dahilas, and coleus. The container's blue, too, but at this point you can't even tell. :)

I've been showing you roses all the time, yet my existing roses haven't even started blooming! The first opening rose this season! I can't wait. This is John Cabot.


Look mom, Sweet William! I didn't plant this, actually. I found it under a daylily in a bed full of daylilies... very out of place. My mom saw it and knew what it was right away. It's her favorite. She said my dad used by her bouquets of Sweet William. My dad passed away when I was 7, in 1986. I like to think he planted this mytery plant in the daylily bed. I've sinced transplanted it, and divided it, and now I have several. I love Sweet William simply because it surprises you every time. Two different varities of flowers come on one plant, and each year the flowers vary all together.

Baptisia Australis, or False Indigo "Purple Smoke" a late season bargain find last year.

Allium with German Chamomile that reseeded itself here on its own.

Carvopteris-Summer Sorbet won't bloom until late summer, but it's leaves are pretty now!

An ivy geranium I overwinter indoors jumps to begin blooming again.

Heuchera/Coral Bells "Lime Rickey" blooming.

Rose "Distant Drums"

A few existing clematis are opening up. I love this time of year. The big show is just around the corner.

When I moved in I planted several clematis and didn't label them correctly. This is the first year they are blooming, and I'm trying to match them to their names. Although several folks disagree, I think this is HF Young, or atleast it was sold to me as HF Young. When it opens up more I'm posting more pics on Garden Buddies to get an identity so I can learn how to prune it. Whatever it is, I LOVE it.

Here are a few shots of Clematis "Elsa Spath." I tried again last night (after I took these) to wash the chemical spots off her, so she should be pretty clean in her next close up. For now, ignore it. :)

Clematis "Ville De Lyon" putting on her very first show for me. Her second year was last year, and she made 2 tiny blooms. This year she has a dozen and counting. Only two are open.

Delphiniums are so magical to me, although, for some reason, I've never put the effort forward to grow them. I've tried to grow them from seed a couple times by direct sowing, and I never once saw one succeed. My mom bought me an established plant last summer, and it never returned, not even by seed. I wasn't about to give up.

This spring I dedicated my efforts to this perennial, and it's such a delight to have gorgeous blue flowers in my yard! I grew three varieties from seed started indoors. They've all been transplanted and many are still thriving. I also bought about a dozen small starter plants ranging from $2.50-6 at local nurseries. I tried to get very different varieties so I can find the one that will thrive here. Right now, half of my starters are blooming. I'm in delphinium heaven!

Have a great gardening day everyone!

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