Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Bloom Season!

The blooms are a-flowin' outside right now. I'm overwhelmed, feeling so blessed, and I can't help but share!
Rose "John Cabot"

with rose "Morden Centennial"

Some lucky bird could move in here, but hasn't yet. :)

Rose "Hot Cocoa"

Rose "Ramblin' Red" giving us a kiss.

Here comes rose "Mr. Lincoln"

This one is supposed to be "Christian Dior" and obvisouly it's not. I'm guessing "Scentimental" or "Julio Iglesias."

Rose "Morden Centennial"

Rose "O'Rilla"

Clematis "Violet Charm"
Zuchini bloom

Campanula "Sarostra"

Rose "Brother Cadfael"

Peony "Karl Rosenfeld"

For the life of me I can't remember what these are called, but they're a little succulent type annual with blooms that only open in the sunshine.
Painted Daisy

Have a happy, happy day with your blooms everyone!

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Roses and Lilacs said...

Hi Jamie, I'm a neighbor to the south in Illinois. We have a lot of roses in common. I have all but Ramblin Red and O'Rilla. I even have that exact same bird house!

Beautiful photos. I'm enjoying wandering thru your site.