Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Boys nap, I wander.

It's still rose season here, and I can barely keep up with the blooms. I can't imagine what it will be like when the new roses get established, sheesh! Many of my roses are only putting one good flower at a time right now, as they are young. But some of my older roses are putting up a lot more. Here are some more shots of my Golden Showers climbing rose.

Below is Toulouse Lautrec, part of the Romantica series by House of Meilland.
Two more of Heirloom; she bounced back from the crushing the boys gave her:
Hot Cocoa:
The back of Fragrant Cloud:
And my all time favorite rose, Kordes Perfecta is finally open. She's a beauty and smells so good!
Happy Gardening again today. :)


cindee said...

Pretty Pretty!!! (-: Don't you just love nap time!!!!(-:

Karen said...

Your roses are beautiful... I'm having a fit with mine right now... aphids arghhh!

Robin's Nesting Place said...

Beautiful roses! I can only seem to grow the Knockout or miniature roses. The others seem to always get black spots and look awful. I'm not one for spraying or fussing over plants so, they just don't do well here.

Jamie said...

So lucky have not seen any aphids yet this year, and I think I battled the thrips. ;)

Knock outs are growing on me lately. They're a fine rose. I love how they make roses accessible for everyone. My neighbor bought one, and now she's hooked.

Thanks for looking everyone! :)