Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Boerner Botanical Garden- Peonies

I like peonies. I think they make a nice statement in the garden once they are established. I love that they are easy to take care of. A little staking, dividing every few years, and they reliably come back over and over. I would not say I love peonies... but I was undoubtedly impressed when I walked into the Boerner Botanical Garden and saw this sea of peonies. I might even say I loved a few of them. I had to share my journey.

I did my best to get identities of many of the peonies I got in close to, but some are not labeled. Just FYI: I post the names above the pictures, not below. You can see the labels in some pictures if you click the picture to enlarge it.

Here's a peony I could learn to love, Bartzella:

Choral Charm:

Carolyn Mae Nelson (another favorite):

Pink Lemonade (this one I might love):

Thanks for walking with me!


cindee said...

They are very pretty. Mine usually fall down because right when they bloom we usually have a big rain. I guess I should stake them up. Maybe next year I will do that(-:

Karen said...

I'm with you on the Pink Lemonade, I think I like that one the best!

Beautiful pictures thanks for sharing