Monday, June 23, 2008

Boerner Botanical Garden- Roses

Last Thursday my husband took a day off of work to take me to Boerner Botanical Gardens in Milwaukee, (Hale's Corner), Wisconsin. I found this garden in the 2007 David Austin catalog list of gardens to view DA roses in the US. I knew the roses would be at peak bloom, so I was so excited to walk around and touch and smell a wide variety of roses. The garden is located in the far nothern part of zone 5, so these are all some pretty hardy roses!

I did my best to photograph the labels of the roses. Some of the roses were not labeled, and some of the labels were buried by other roses. In some cases I just got distracted by the next rose, and forgot to snap the picture, LOL. But, for the most part you'll be able to tell which rose is which. Enjoy my walk through the rose section of the garden.

I label my photos above the photo, not before. Just so your able to follow.

Linda Campbell:

Golden Unicorn:

Brass Band (the first rose I saw at the gardens that called out to me "Buy me" The roses were talking, I swear!

Unknown, but a bright beauty.

Another unknown, unusual.



Unknown, but I think an Austin:

Stretch Johnson:


Henry Kelsey:

Labeled "Winchester Cathedral" but isn't?:

Seven Sisters:

Lousie Odier:

Bayse's Blueberry (smelled incredible! Wishlist!):

Marie Curie:

memory, I believe this one was George Burns:

No idea, but a beauty:

Another Beauty:

? Pretty though.

Amber Queen (definately added to my wishlist!)

Mardi Gras:

Apricot Nectar:


Love and Peace (also a new wishlister!):

A whole bed of Betty Boop:


Isabel Renaissance:

Seven Sisters:

Hugh Watson:

Barone Prevost

A sampling of the whole rose garden!

After I had been through what I thought was the entire rose garden I browsed the rest of the gardens. In the end, I asked my husband and boys to wait while I took one more walk through the rose garden. I passed behind a hedge of trees and stumbled upon an area packed with David Austin roses. How could I have missed it before? I was pleasantly surprised to find them nestled here on their own.

English Garden:

A mix of different Austin blooms:

Constance Spry is obviously very hardy here, as its seize was much larger than most of the other roses in this area.

Constance Spry and Mary Rose are toward the right back here.

Bredon rose is down front.

This one was labeled "The Fisherman"

Lillian Austin was filled with blooms.

A mix of pink DA blooms.
After finding the DA roses I took one more stroll around the row of largest roses there.

P. Connell?

Alexander Mackenzie:

Lillian Gibson:

Queen's Knight:

Hope you all enjoyed my walk through the rose gardens in Milwaukee!

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