Saturday, June 14, 2008

A few more blooms...

Tis' the season, folks. Many of my roses are blooming right now, I can hardly keep up with taking pictures and admiring them.
"Morden Centennial" rose
with "John Cabot" rose

I don't know the name of this one. Anyone have any ideas?


"Hot Cocoa"


Most of my perennials are just about to open up. I do have a few that are putting on a great show right now.

Poppy, and new one this year and a keeper. I hope it returns reliably. Anyone have poppies? What can I expect?


Pinks & Liatris getting ready to bloom.
Sweet William
Campanula "Sarostra." I bought this on a whim at Northwind Perennial Farm. The amazing associate I was talking with said it made the most spectacular blooms. She did not disappoint! I love this plant!
Here's a view of "Sarostra" in her surroundings.
Happy gardening everyone!


cindee said...

Your flowers all look so beautiful!!! What a wonderful view for you to look at!!!

Jamie said...

Thanks, Cindee! It's so nice of you to stop by my blog. :)

I just showed my hubby the cake pa flowers on your blog so he can help me make some later this summer. They are so cute!

Pam/Digging said...

Your roses, ah, they make me long for smell-o-vision. I particularly admire that Peace rose and the unknown hot-pink one.

Everything looks beautiful. This one would have been the perfect Bloom Day post, wouldn't it?

anita said...

I love your roses!! I hope they are still blooming in ten days when I'm there!! love you mom xoxoxoxo

Jamie said...

I know, Pam. :( I didn't know about the bloom day thing until the day after I made the post. I'm still learning to navigate all the blogs. :) Next year, I'll be ready!

Smell-o-vision would be a garden bloggers dream. :)