Thursday, June 12, 2008

Mr. Lincoln

This spring I have posted a lot of picture of roses on the blog. While I can take credit for the photogrpahy, or selecting a good looking rose, most of the blooms I've posted came off of plants I bought this spring. I note this every time, FYI. Just this week I posted the first existing rose blooms on my two big pink ladies, but this last two days my large flowered roses have started opening up.

This Mr. Lincoln rose bush is 3 years old in my yard. Yesterday morning when it the buds began to open I sat on the grass for a long time, sniffing & photographing the bloom. The boys played beside me, and came to take a whiff themselves.

I could not have been more delighted by it's blooms today. Two giant flowers opened all the way up, and they smell darn near magical. We're under the gun of heavy storms and rainfall here, so I spared the larger one and brought into the dining room and set it on my desk. The whole house smells like Mr. Lincoln now. I feel so blessed. I love my garden.

Happy gardening everyone!

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