Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Ah, Roses.

I have been growing roses in my Wisconsin garden since 2004. This was one of the first roses I ever planted. I believe it was labeled something like "Blushing Bride," but since I have decided it may be "Vanilla Perfume."
Lots of trial and error, learning the hard way, educating myself, and good sound advice has led me to maintain over a hundred roses, of all sorts of varieties. I have hardy climbers, shrubs, hybrid teas, knock-outs, floribundas, Austin's, and minis. Each one is different, with varied needs, and even more varied rewards. I love them all.
Champlain and 3 Sunny Knock Outs
For some reason, I have a new founded desire to stop spending so much money on rose care. I don't want to pay to prevent the powdery mildew. I don't want to try and deter the Japanese Beetles by spending money on Bayer. I want to try and grow these roses with nothing but some simple fertilizers and tender loving care. I say this now, but watch me complain come July.

My intentions are good. For the Japanese Beetles I plan on doing to bucket of soapy water twice a day... walking around the garden after sun up to flick as many of the beetles into the bucket as I can. This method worked okay 4 years ago, but last year the sheer numbers of beetles were astounding, and hours were spent knocking them into buckets only to have more some from thin air. This year, I won't give up. I need a regimen.
Carefree Wonder, a bit droopy in her second year, after some heavy rainfall. I wish they could all be as carefree!
For Powdery Mildew, I have tried preventative chemicals, and washing the foliage, but it is so much work... I think I may just remove the affected foliage and trim back the worse culprits. I have 2 roses in the garden that are covered in PM every year: Scarlet Knight and Fragrant Cloud. Perhaps it is just time to get rid of them? I can't even believe I am saying this.

One great thing about roses? The spring flush is not affected by PM or Beetles. This year there is definately a slug problem, but not too bad. Mostly just hundreds of blooms. Heavenly scented, beautiful, romantic, roses.
Morden Centennial

Morden Centennial and John Cabot

Morden Fireglow

An antique rose, unknown, gifted on a trip to the Northwoods. Possibly Fantin Latour.

Golden Celebration

Mary Rose

Distant Drums

Happy Gardening!


Misty said...

These are so beautiful my friend! You have a magic touch with the flowers and the camera.

Jamie said...

Thank you, Misty!