Sunday, June 8, 2008

Clematis Spring Flush

Magical Ville De Lyon clematis opens up it's first big show for me. I planted this 3 years ago, and last year it made only a few tiny flowers late in the season. I am so excited to see 3 large blooms and many more coming soon.

This large blue-flowered variety isn't named, but it's fast becoming my favorite. I planted it three years ago, and I moved it twice since then. Clearly it likes this home, and will stay here.

I call this one Violet Charm although I never know for sure if that's what it is. I didn't label several clematis I bought 3 or 4 years ago. No matter the name, this large light violet colored variety performs the best for me.

Ville De Lyon is on the left and Etiolle Violet is on the right. earlier this spring when I pruned my Etiolle Violette it rapidly out grew it's trellis. I had a stroke of creativity and put a branch from a tree behind our lot between the two trelllis and trained the clematis to climb it. I then attached strings of twine between the two trellises and also between the right hand trellis and the water drain around the corner of the house. So far, the clematis has taken nicely to its expansion.
Violet Charm is on the right here, and Elsa Spath is on the left. They mingle with an orange trumpet vine and John cabot rose. This is the oldest spot in my garden, and I love it.
Hope everyone has a great Sunday in the garden! Stay dry if you're anywhere near me. Yikes, rainfall!

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