Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Endless Inspiration & Spring Fever at Northwind Perennial Farm

In my neck of the woods there's no better way for a gardener to spend a sunny spring afternoon than at Northwind Perennial Farm. The farm is located about 45 minutes east of me, and this was my 3rd visit there. In addition to perrenials the farm sells a number of garden ornaments, and has goats, barn cats, and chickens to visit as well. Coupled with a friendly staff, it's a little slice of heaven, if you ask me.

In contrast the wide never-ending selection of perennials at my other garden haunt, The Flower Factory, this place seems to specialize in a few types of perennials, such as hosta, salvia, veronica, sedum, aster, catmint, and a few more. They have 4-5, maybe more, types of a each perennials variety. I visit here mostly for the decor, and atmosphere, whereas I visit The Flower Factory for the selection and prices.

In the past I've had time to walk through the shade garden, but this time I made sure to start my journey in the sun garden. The first thing that caught my attention was this rock pyramid.

In the background of the pyramid you can see a flowering tree; here's a shot of the blooms up close.

Dad cooperatively took the kids through the place with me.

This tree caught my attention forst with it's bright foliage and red cones, but then I notcied how soft it was! This was a needle I could sleep on if I had to!

I even had the boys touch it.

Here's the whole tree. If anyone knows anything about this one, let me know.

Here's another view of the sun garden.

And another, with perennial salvia in bloom.

A glimpse of one of the barn buildings on the property.

Lilcas and Baptisia.

As we were walking along we could hear from frogs croaking loadly. We found this pond and new they could not be far.

Here they are... mating, 4 at a time? I think? LOL. This was a sight to see.

Here they are with guppies and tadpoles galors. I've never seen anything like this before?

Dad finds me after I've wandered off. Nice glass blue ball in the tree. :)

A grassy patch I found at the end of the sunny garden and pond area.

I've never asked, but this appears to be the back of the owner's home? Lovely swing setting!

Another barn building. I love their use of salvaged architecture as decor. I LOVE it!

Tables full of perennials to buy!

An area set up for a lecture on container gardening later that day.

Nice, furniture as sculpture.

Veggie bed? Cute!

Outside the large barn they sell annuals. I didn't tempt myself, but they looked lovely.

One of many tall and beautiful birdhouses on the property.

Path out of the sun garden to the "for sale" area. Just behind the owners house, I believe.

The chicken coop. My husband and boys played there for some time.

Here's the chicken coop from a distance, with all the salvaged trellis pieces hung on it. Very inspiring.


The boys, and even dad enjoyed the goats. In fact, after I was walking away to explore the goats started knocking horns (or whatever you call it). Very cool for 3 boys indeed.

One of the doors to the barn. :) Inside they a sell goodies...

An golden bleeding heart. I picked up one of these things spring. They glow!

An adorable shed in the shade garden.

Me. :) I think this is new? I don't remember it before. They had a wisteria growing there. More salvaged goods. I love it!

Look at this gate! I love it!

Isn't she cute? If I were a small garden fairy type I might look just like her.

Love this antique child's bed filled with glass balls, all of which are for sale, BTW!

A gate I could not resist passing through. Just look at those bricks? Don't they just lure you?

An arbor from salvaged material goodness. It makes me want to run out and build one right now!

Inside the barn they sell tons of treasures. Full of eye candy.

An adorable birdhouse for sale.

How about a garden rock? I love this, too.

I have brought my mother here before, last summer and we found a barn cat that looked just like her baby Samantha Cat at home. This spring I saw the look-alike again. This trip when I saw her she was with a fellow cat, bathing herself on top of this shelf.

She was undoubtedly cleaning up because her kids got her all dirty. That's right. She's had kittens this spring. Inside these troughs I was introduced to her whole litter of barn kittens. I was allowed to adopt one for free! Imagine my delight!

Here's our new kitten. We've named her Tabatha. And remarkably she's already potty trained and getting along with the rough house boys and hyper 3 year old lab we have. Now, I just have to get her and our older cat to mesh and we'll be golden. :)

Happy Gardening and Garden Hunting everyone!

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Anna said...

Wow---I would love to go to the place and walk around. Too bad it's so far away. I will have to feature this on my blog soon and share this trip with everyone. You did a great job taking the pics and giving us the tour. I loved it. The old gates and repurposing was perfect.