Friday, June 1, 2012

Frog Season

I don't know if all people have these little green frogs in their gardens, or if they follow me around? Maybe I just take the time to notice them? They are pretty well camoflauged and easy to miss. For years, both in Wisconsin and Minnesota, we've found these adorable little green frogs in various spots in the garden. In Wisconsin they would sun bathe in my roses, between the petals, or sleep on an elephants ear. Last year we had one living in the top of our blue umbrella on the back porch. This week, we found one on a bamboo stake in a potted rose on the deck, and this one here, on one of the stems of my plumeria.

He later moved to the center of 'Coffee Cups' elephant ear, but my only pictures of it are on my cell phone. My son Ben is a huge frog lover, so he is beyond delighted when we find them. Here's to hoping we find many, in some pretty clever and cute spots all summer. We're installing a small pond this weekend, I think that may just attract some more frogs/toads...

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CiNdEe said...

We have these little green frogs here too. They love a nice cool moist place. Seems like there are hundreds of them.(-: