Sunday, June 17, 2012

Robin's Nest

I've come to the conclusion that birds are smarter in Minnesota than Wisconsin. And thinner, also true for the people, but that's a whole other story. Last spring we had a robin build a nest in the seat of my kid's tricycle. Granted, the thing wasn't in use in early early spring, but still- my two rowdy boys were in and out of the clubhouse the trike rested in ALL THE TIME. Dumbo. The bird, I mean.
I've been walking about our bird friendly yard hearing dozens of baby birds. First hatched were the chickadees. They've all flown the coop, but now there is quite a ruckous coming from the hedge of lilacs between us and the neighbors, and also somewhere in the trees. I think the cardinals and orioles both have nests in the lilacs, and there's a small nest in the back shrubs from a smaller bird, but last night  I found this robin sitting upon her nest last! Finally, the source of most of the squeeky chirps is found! No wonder it has been SO loud- this nest is right in the center of the yard, half way up the tree.

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