Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Legoland Plants

Remember the Cecille Bruner roses (from my mom and grandma's garden) I brought in for the Easter table? Here they are. So perfect.
 So, while in California we brought my lego-loving boys to Legoland for the first time. None of us had ever been there, so it was a very fun trip for us. While in line for rides we enjoyed the succulent landscaping and lizards (unable to get a good picture). My son loves cacti and succulents and when he grows up he wants to live somewhere he can plant cacti in the ground. He loved this!

 I thought the way legoland incorporated legos into the landscape was super cool. There are trout made entirely of legos swimming through this water!
And a beaver:
 In the huge area dedicated to full reconstruction of towns I found the use of mini plants simply awesome. Look at these mini trees by the eiffel tower. Cool!
 Look at all these trees in "San Francisco!"

Las Vegas:
 Southern California:

 This farm land was awesome!

In the Star Wars area they used these conifers to create a woodland area. My kids loved this part!
What's more magical than a bunch of aeoniums?
 Or a tunnel of vines?
 Hansel and Gretel's story...
 Or my favorite? A castle topped with so many Cecille Bruner roses the scent just knocked my socks off.
Anyone would have to admit, without the plants, all the lego scenes wouldn't have been nearly as realistic, or cool. So very cool! I hope you enjoyed it!


HolleyGarden said...

What a great idea that allows children to be excited about nature and gardens. I definitely think you need a "lego area" in your own garden! How fun!

Jamie said...

I agree! My sons want to make one also. My older son has a small collection of cacti and succulents, and both boys helped me make my fairy gardens. Thanks!