Sunday, June 10, 2012

Old Towne Orange

Californis fun wasn't all for the kids; my mom and I took a day to roam one of favorite places: Old Towne Orange. We started by this cute garden shop, specializing in fairy gardens. The sweet pea on the fence were gorgeous!

I loved these cute arbors, but I didn't come home with them. I have a feeling a certain someone I know can make a variation of them!
And how awesome is this mosaic bird bath? Yum!
As we roamed down the street, I admired these red passion flowers:
And this tree, Jacaranda I think?

In another one of my old favorite antique malls I spotted this street sign, and wished I had the funds too bring it home.
And I do have aan old umbrella bird bath with a broken umbrella- I plan on putting these sticks in the pegs.
Out back they sell plants, and the fairy gardens were stunning!

 On our way back to the car I had to get one more lok at the sweet peas, with a golden gaillardia spilling through the fence, too.
If you are ever in Orange County California, visit Orange. You won't be disappointed.

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