Sunday, June 17, 2012

Proud owner of a greenhouse!

I've suffered from greenhouse envy for years and years. Come spring, when my tropical, tender, and succulent plants already fill every windowsill I'm short any room to dare start a seedling. I've had the plastic greenhouse blow to bits in a spring storm, and long since given up starting anything in the basement where my cats destroy it (and I'm short on room anyway). I usually have the seeds, the container, the soil, the knowledge and desire, and even the skill, but no ROOM to grow nearly everything from seed.
Now, during the summer, when I'm moving my catci in the back door every time more than one day of rain threatens I really long for a greenhouse where my succulents and cactus can leisurely spend their summers dry as they wanna be.

I can finally, proudly say I have my very own greenhouse!
I have already started some peppers in there- I think the number of cool nights (and even days) we get here in a Minnesota summer slows down the peppers... so I hope to get higher yields by putting a few plants in the greenhouse. I also pulled the slower-to-start dahlias in there so they can catch up.

 And due to the rainy forecast we have for the next 7 days, my son and I moved all our cacti and succulents into the greenhouse, where they can stay nice and dry. I've already lost a few succulents to overwatering via mother nature. :(

Plans are in the works for tables on both sides using as little money as possible... anyone with cinder blocks, bricks, etc, throw them my way!


CiNdEe said...

Oh you are so lucky! The greenhouse is going to be so nice for you! Over here it is so hot and dry the plants are burning up. I hate when it gets so hot.

Jamie said...

We have about 5 inches of rain this week! This greenhouse saved my succulent and cactus collection for sure!