Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Containers Cranking

Right about now I'm starting to see my containers cranking. This is rose scented geranium, 'vancouver centennial' geranium, coleus 'redhead', violas, sedum 'lemon coral' and purple heart
 None of the dahlias are blooming, but beneath this one I have 'blackie' sweet potato vine with coleus fishnet stockings, purple heart and purple bacopa. Salvia back and blue will be blooming in the back here, shortly.
This 'swizzle red and white' zinnia is a sweet find. I love it!
This is the front porch.
Even my corn plant is blooming. Fun!
The view from my favorite seat on the back porch- cannas, dahlias, abultion and butterfly bush all not blooming yet, but still enough color from various salvia, snapdragons, and foliage.

Another unique find for me this year was salpiglosis purple.
Pansies, if I keep them deadheaded, shrug off the heat and keep flowering. Don't they look happy!
My wheel barrel planter in the front yard is pretty happy:
I felt nostalgia for my childhood when I saw this classic purple and pink fushchia basket at Walmart for $11. This was my latest addition to the garden. My kids love popping the flower buds as much as I did.
I think my favorite find of the year is this lophospermum vine. I saw one years ago in a hanging planter outside of a store front in Cedarburg, WI. I was so excited to try it this year. Looking good so far!

Happy container gardening!

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CiNdEe said...

Everything looks so pretty! Love all the beautiful blooms!