Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Bringing the Roses In

A couple days of rain in the forecast caused me to grab the pruning sheers and bring a bunch of my roses in. I've never cut this many from the garden at once. May just be my imagination, but I don't think I've ever had this many blooming at once to have to bring in. I am so happy to have them inside with me! This vase, a tall crystal one on my dining room table, includes Sexy Rexy, Bonica, Champlain, Blaze, Christopher Marlowe, Windermere, The Fairy, Golden Celebration, and Hot Cocoa.

Bringing in roses always reminds me of my grandma, who has always has small vases of her huge southern california roses on nearly every table in the house. Every event warrants roses, even if I'm visiting for the 3rd time that week, or it happens to be Saturday. Any ceremony she brings a cluster of roses wrapped in foil and papertowels.
This vase is on my coffee table, and it includes Dream Come True, Brother Cadfael, Bonica, and Disneyland roses.

Someday, I dream of having multiple bushes of each of these roses, so vases like this can be in each room, while the garden will look untouched.
Happy Gardening!

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