Monday, June 4, 2012

Where I get my green thumb.

This April we visited my mom and grandma, who live together in southern California in the closest place I have to a childhood home. The whole visit was so fulfilling. There's something soothing about having endless downtime just sitting on the patio I played Barbies on nearly every day of my childhood. I didn't take out my make-up bag the whole visit. I didn't work in the yard (with my mom and brother's girlfriend working on the garden, there were NO weeds to pull). We all brought the kids to hot spots, including Disneyland and Legoland, but mostly we hung out, and ate great food. It was relaxing, and vacation-like. :) The best part? My mom and grandma's gardens have meshed once more, and that meant so many roses- that happened to be in FULL bloom. Heavenly timing, if you ask me! Here are my best shots from the visit:

 I love this succulent planter! I brought my mom sedum 'angelina' years ago, and she's paired it with some euphorbia, sedum burro's tail, ghost plant, paddle plant, a fuzzy echeveria (I think) and more... in the perfect rusty white metal basket. I should have snatched this whole thing up and brought it home. lol.
 How amazing is Cecile Brunner in full bloom? Wonderful enough that I wanted to sleep outside on the side of the house. Instead I brought in a vase full for the Easter table.
 Some of this kalanchoe came home with me.
 I also broke off some pieces of this medusa plant, and the kangaroo paw... and later grandma sent my son Benjamin the baby cactus in here.

 More roses, surely some of the one's I learned to prune on as a child.
 And nothing says home like bougainvillea.

More roses...

Lovely, lovely trip.


CiNdEe said...

Beautiful(-: Glad you had a great vacation!(-:

Jamie said...

Thanks, Cindee!