Thursday, May 31, 2012

I'm turning into my mother.

My mom has had a long time love affair with all things pink. When I was a little girl she loved "Dusty Rose," so naturally my snotty little butt despised it. I rejected all things pink. Now, I have furniture painted in pink, I can't find enough clothes with pink roses on them... and looking into my garden there's pink EVERYWHERE. My mom's favorite rose, of course, is David Austin's Mary Rose, in full bloom now:
Other pinks in the garden today include this gold flame honeysuckle:
This big pink azalea that was here when I moved in:
Pale pink painted daisies:
Rose, Distant Drums: 
Columbine, McKana's Giant, from seed, changes from pinky to orchid purple as the blooms ripen.  
Coral Bells pink blooms during a rare moment without a hummingbird feeding of them:   
The name of this rose in unknown, as I acquired it at a yard sale in nothern Wisconsin, but it is a beauty, and in just a few years it has grown so large.
I am surely becoming my mother, but its not so bad.

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CiNdEe said...

I bet that makes your mom smile(-: I love pink flowers too.