Friday, June 15, 2012

We put in a Pond!

Our neighbors have a large and awesome pond. They called me over the other day to ask if we wanted a pond liner she didn't plan on using. She had picked it up off the curb when our now landlord lived here-it used to be where I now I have hostas planted. My son Ben has been asking for a pond for a really long time- he always loves the water feature aspects of any garden place we visit. So we jumped for joy when this pond liner fell in our laps.
We figured out where we wanted it, called the dig line, acquired a filter, and while I rounded up rocks from various parts of the yard, my husband dug a hole and put it in. Ta Da!
 I "attached" it to an existing bed.
 My aunt gave us this quirky alligator years ago and I knew right away I wanted him close to the water. I planted steppables (thyme, sedge, and moss) around him so the kids can stepp all over here and get close to the water without any obstacles. The flat rock in the foreground of this photo is immovable, so the boys can lay right on top of it.
I had a hole in the rock garden area behind the pond I filled with this gorgeous sedum "October Daphne;" love the water hues here, and think it looks great spilling towards the the pond.

Since then we've added a floating blue ceramic frog and some fish... but 5 of the 6 fish already perished. Oh well. More coming soon! I also saw about 15 tiny birds splashing in the fountain on a very hot 94 degree day! So neat! The dragonflies seem to love it, also. But more than anything, my kids love it. They are by it all the time, reading, looking at the fish, putting their hands in the water. So great!

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