Monday, March 23, 2015

The Real Deal. The Motherload of Inspiration.

A friend of mine strongly suggested I check out a harvest home in Wayzata MN for some much needed shop inspiration.  I didn't hesitate and found the next excuse to head east. I gotta wonder if the fine folks that work at the shop ever get tired of hearing their patrons gushing as they walk throughout the store. This place is so unbelievably gorgeous and inspiring inside. Every detail will have you drooling. Go ahead and enjoy my pictures, as I'm already plotting a reason to walk through the shop again soon. Bravo, Harvest Home!
Olivey- chartreuse is already one of my favorite colors, but pairing it with this gorgeous reason this blue door not to mention charcoal grey is absolutely perfect.
You want everything, .too... dont you?
Amazing mermaids!
Lush greens.
Everything about this picture:
Bunnies, pussy willow, ivy topiary. Perfect.
Look at that liitle dog poking his head up!
Thank you for looking! Hope you've been inspired!
Happy gardening!

Greenhouse Inspiration

Part of my preparation for each sale at the shop is finding the plants I'm looking for. A lucky side effect is that means I get to visit a lot of local nurseries. One in particular provides me with so much inspiration. Green Valley greenhouse in the north western suburbs of the Twin Cities is always a place for unique displays and creative outlet. On this particular visit the designer was actually in the middle of working up some of the spring displays. I made sure to compliment her extensively as I ooh'd and awed. 

The designer was actually in the middle of tying the pots to this giant wreath when I furst arrived. I have already rendered a mini version myself, and will have to get a picture of it for the blog.

There may be nothing more trendy right now then pallet creations, and this one definitely works to sell succulents. Not to mention and old tools, cinder blocks and old hoses. I don't know about you but I want to go tie an old hose to my shed right now. 
every year they do something pretty great with a bathtub. Last year they had some plants in it and a great big dog statue.
They usually have at least one structure that I want in my backyard. Last year it was made of birch logs this year it's made of old windows, metal and lattice. I walked right in here and said this needs to be my office.
I can't say that these colors are my favorite, but I love everything about the placement of the umbrellas in the tools for merchandise purposing.
And it doesn't hurt to have my very favorite giant yellow lilies in full bloom to stink up the whole place in a glorious way.
And I always love a little mini greenhouse made of old windows, if my Pinterest boards are any indication. This one is pretty perfect

So even if you're not ready to start gardening, and there's still overnight lows in the 30's, I strongly encourage you to go visit a greenhouse. More than likely their workers are gearing up for spring doing all sorts of inspiring things. And you can always leave with a wind chime if you're not ready to buy a plant.

Happy gardening!

Spring Plantings at The Porch/Atelier

Now that I've got a few sales under my belt I am really enjoying my new gig as the plant lady! I had to shake off those beginner nerves, and now its all joy. Here are a few of the recent plants and plant creations I've brought in, many of which have sold already. It's really difficult NOT to feel very inspired in the shop, as the shop owner and all of the designers who contribute are so extremely talented. My plants are just the cherry on top.

Happy spring to you all!

Sunday, March 15, 2015

New Adventure

I've taken on a new adventure selling plants (and vintage finds) at one of my favorite local shops: The Porch & Atelier. Atelier is open weekends here in Buffalo, MN selling all sorts of wonderful vintage and vintage - inspired finds, and Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint.  The Porch is in the lower level and is open one weekend a month (first Thursday-Sunday). Both levels of the shop are so inspiring, I still can't believe I'm selling there. I feel like someone needs to pinch me!

I'm having the most fantastic time getting my hands in the dirt to put some green in the shop and customers/clients homes. My plants are nestled in other vendors finds as well as my own in the pictures here from my first weekend: