Thursday, August 14, 2014

Blue and Chartruese

I'm sitting in my newest seating area in our garden, the driveway, listening to the crickets and other night creatures make joyous noise.  The sky is periwinkle. The solar lights are on glowung a dim yellow above me. My new spot is just some chairs we used to have on the lawn but hardly ever sat in- it was too hot in all day sun... now they are tucked under a corner or Virginia creeper, where they get plenty of afternoon and evening shade. I pulled out an old barn bench for a table and some containers from around the yard and now we can hang out while the kids ride bikes, climb the front tree, and play basketball.  It's pretty great.

So this week I was walking around the yard and I found a nice repeating theme of blue and gold in the garden.   Took time to go through the pictures and found I use it more than I realized; I would like to make an effort to deliberately use it more. Here are a few of my favorites. 

I'll surely be growing even more of the blue lobelia next year. I finally cracked the code on growing them from seed and keeping then going all year. This variety is  botanical interests "Cambridge blue." I love it with the Japanese forest grass!

I'm also enjoying the forget me nots... I've got both varieties going in this bed. They bloom at different times. I love them with the langsdorff nicotiana (also botanical interests), and golden hosta.

Enjoy the pictures and let me know if y I u need specific questions answered about what's what. My blogger app is less friendly about me typing between the pictures. 

Happy gardening!

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