Thursday, January 1, 2015

That taking-down-the-Christmas-stuff feeling!

I spent my whole New Years Eve day cleaning my living room and entry hall... puting away all the Christmas stuff and dusting. Such a great feeling to ring in the new year, and it grabbed me some more steps on my new fitbit. 
I love when the plants dominate the house. 
Finally moved my favorite black chair into the living room, too. Best $5 I've ever spent at a goodwill.
I started a cluttery gallery wall above our desk. I've since finished it and will post a new picture. 
I am so happy to finally have my great aunt Eva's wall hanging out in the living room. Its been in our bedroom foreverand I have decided it needed a more visible spot. 
These houseplants keep me busy all winter, and makes the Minnesota winter feel less isolated. Happy indoor gardening!