Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Can anyone ID this plant?

I drove past this plant in Peoria Heights, Illinois this last Sunday, July 19th. It is in full sun, near a curb, so it's probably pretty drought tolerant. You can hopefully tell the scale from the porch in the background, and the daylily beside it. This plant is growing in zone 5.

It looks like an agastache, sage, salvia? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

An evening on the grass.

Despite the fact that I had a pile of garden bargains on the back porch that need to be planted, I could not resist grabbing the camera and spending some time laying on the lawn, soaking up the bugs and blooms. I often feel overwhelmed by my garden, and it helps me to just stop what I am doing, putting down the pruning shears, and observing.

I don't know why you don't see more of 'Sweet Dreams' Coreopsis. It's definately a favorite in my garden.

A dragonfly swooped down and landed on my bandana. I flung my arms around, and shooed him away, only to follow him and find he was eating a bee like bug. I think he must have picked it off of my head. How nice of him!

Petunia goodness.

Stoke's asters are all at peak right now.

Stock, direct sown this spring, is blooming and scenting up the place. I love how romantic the blooms are.

Lavender wonderfulness. I grew this one from seed about 5 years ago.

Finally, my long awaited and sight after Eden rose is blooming in my garden!

Golden Celebration.

The back of Rosella dahlia.

Bee on Borage blooms.

Big Bumble Bee on Liatris.

Geranium 'Blue Sunrise'

A small bee on 'Rooguchi' clematis.

A new addition to the garden this year, geranium 'Hocus Pocus,' is beaming under some roses. Highly reccomend this one... I have it two spots, and it's thriving wonderfully.

Rose Kordes Perfecta leans down to rest on some 'green ice' lettuce after some heavy rain last night.

Hope you enjoyed my garden this evening!

Happy Gardening!

Some July blooms.

Penstemon 'Electric Blue' from Cambria Pines Nursery

Candytuft from seed this sprin.

Hibiscus 'Blue Satin' from Park Seed this spring.

Clematis 'Polish Spirit'

Numerous daisies

Rain on a red rose
'Scarlet Knight'
'Scarlet Knight'

Daylily time...

Happy gardening!