Thursday, April 3, 2014

More of Last Summer

Still going through pictures from last summer! I love the feeling of warmth it gives me just looking at images of summer.
This was inside our back porch gazebo last summer.

More lilies.

I found all sorts of quirky vintage planters at garage sales last year, and put many of them in my shed (most of them don't have drainage, and it they weren't covered they would flood after one rain).

I bought this vintage sofa and love seat at an auction. I wish I had a screened in porch to put them on, but for now they are on the grass. My husband built the table from reclaimed wood. I love it so much!

Another vintage planter with a succulent in it (sold this one).

More back porch sitting.

Containers in the driveway. This year, there will be a basketball hoop here, so I am trying to figure out what to put here?

More dahlias.

We bought this furniture at an estate sale. We got so lucky, as we put in a bid (very low, I think it was a $100) for the set. They had a bid box with a policy that if the seller was interested in the bid they could call you back after the sale was over- if it hadn't sold at the asking price. We scored!
We also built this little platform for our fire pit out of the blocks that were buried in various parts of the property.


Took this picture to show my mom how tall my love lies bleeding had grown-- the flowers were to the ground by mid summer. Also, this is how I look when I'm gardening- a general mess. lol!
One of my favorite succulent planting from last year. I still have it hanging in the window in my living room.  I drilled drainage in an old bundt pan, and attached chains to it.
Relaxing outside.

So glad I grew so many rudbeckia from seeds (and got a few plants from my neighbor the previous year that came back).

More dahlia.

One of my favorite zinnia, Aztec sunset. I already have the seeds again for this season.

The table my husband made, holding some containers.

Rex begonia

I found a bunch of alocasia on clearance for $1 at Lowe's. I brought them home and they grew wonderfully for me in containers and beds all season. I brought them all in to overwinter and they are all still doing well. I plan on putting them in the shade gardens again this year. I loved them with the ferns, burgundy oxalis bulbs (also overwintered wonderfully indoors), and dead nettle. Such a unique black, and white with mint sort of vibe.

Hope you enjoyed the pictures again. Happy gardening!!

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