Monday, June 11, 2012

I found a great garden center!

I'm sure we all have our favorite go to places for plants. I had a few super favorites in southern Wisconsin; I lived close to some really fantastic places with massive selection. It took me time to find them all. I made a habit of internet searching, bookmarking magazine pages and each spring we'd go explore a new one. I went back to the best.

Now since we moved to Minnesota last year right during May, I had almost no time to garden shop- plus I brought a whole u-haul of plants and garden strucutres. I did get out to one great little place int the twin cities; they had great ideas and inspiration, but I was far too smart to pay their prices. This year I was excited to see if I could find some that rivaled those places I had in WI. This week, I found my first one!
I visited Tonkadale, in Minnetonka, MN. I somehow found it by searching online, and the website seemed promising. I was most impressed with the fairy gardens. The trip came about spontaneously, so I didn't have my good camera with me. I found their prices fair, and even some beyond fair. the selection was awesome! You have to sort of "dig" to find what you're looking for. The plants weren't very clearly organized, but perennials starting at $3.99 a piece, and fairy garden plants at $1.99- well you can hardly beat that! They had a great selection of tropicals, annuals, veggies... beautiful gift shoppy stuff, and even succulents at fair and reasonable prices.
I came home with a green aeonium, nicotiana sylvestris, echinops, a light blue delphinium, and a ruby red helenium, and a handful of fairy garden plants, including a heart vine, creeping fig, and varigated baby tears.
I loved how the perennials were situated among a grove of trees.
I will be back for fairy garden stuff when my budget allows; the selection was unmatched, and the displays were inspiring! I took some pictures of the fairy gardens!

And this three tiered fountain was in the back of the store, by what seemed to be mostly shade plants but also had vines, hardy succulents, and these great arbors.
 I could have spent a LOT more time here, too. My kids and husband were waiting in the car!


Larry said...

Looks like a really fun place! I need to stop there sometime. You are quite correct in saying that Wisconsin has some amazing plant sources... I'm especially thinking the of The Flower factory, but there are many others as well! Larry

CiNdEe's GaRdEn said...

Love finding a great nursery. I found a little hidden away one this past weekend. I bought a oak leaf hydrangea and a monarda. I was wishing I could spend lots of money and take it all home but I will have to go back again later for more shopping(-:
Fairy gardens seem to be really popular! They are all over here too. Sounds like you had a great time shopping(-:

Jamie Rex said...

Larry, I miss The Flower Factory so much- I want to plan a road trip just for it next spring. My favorite, by far.
Cindee, I love oak leaf hydrangea and monarda- two great additions. That's the hardest part about finding a new place- wanting to bring it all home!