Friday, June 8, 2012

Flora of Disney, Part One

I admit, I have an addiction to plants. Not just shopping for them, and planting them; not just caring for them, doting on them, and maybe even talking to them. I am also addicted to appreciating them. I truly get forlorn and withdrawn when I'm away from plants for too long. I'll even admit, I'd rather live among plants than people. Sure, I value the human connection, but plants are a lot easier to get along with. Most people don't understand this, only furthering my love for plants.

So when Disneyland had us waiting for rides, or disconnected from our group, waiting for them to get off rides, I remembered just how awesome their landscaping is, and set out to entertain myself. I took a TON of pictures, so this will be a two part entry for your viewing pleasure.

First up: the entrance to the haunted mansion- I've blogged about this garden before, I'm sure. It is shade garden, mostly, and they've used plants to evoke a spooky feel. The gravewayrd here includes moss, heuchera, coleus, and more. I love the colors, statues.

Perhaps my favorite part of Disney is that outside of a sweeper or ride wrangler, you never see anyone working. I thought it was fun to think of whomever planted this, and whomever tends to it, having to do so at night, when the park is closed.

The whole haunted garden makes me want to change up all the colors in my front yard for Halloween, and pray frost/snow holds off long enough for me to interplant headstones among my very own heuchera.
I also found a few treasures on the island; this azalea was blooming:
And I love this ferny plant along this stream.
The highlight of Disneyland landscaping is the Disneyland rose. I grow this one in my own garden. It is a stunner! This planter bed was in the New Orleans section:

I could not believe how many people just passed right by it...
Near the Mexican restaurant there are a some stunning bougainvillea. This orange is my favorite, and I've grown it in my own garden for a number of years, of course in a container that spends winter in the basement.

How cute are these birdhouses in the roof of the loading dock for the Jungle Cruise!

My mom loves this purple trumpet vine, so I made sure to get pictures of it for her. I also showed where she could find it at her local nursery so she could eventually get one of her own. These pictures were taken near the tiki room.

 They have this violet vine paired with a stunning magenta bougainvillea. Very nice.

And I suppose you can't talk about gardens at Disneyland without showing the mass of tropical they have encircling the tree house! So beautiful.

 Part two will be mostly succulents, for your viewing pleasure. Can't wait!


Sweet Gypsy Cowgirl said...

oooooo...I FOUND your blog today! Yayness! I would love to follow you and join this site, but alas! I cannot find the button to do so! Will you add so that those of us who love your writing can do so? Blessings to you and your family my gardening friend!


Jamie Rex said...

Hi, and welcome to my blog! I added the follow button back to the blog- you should be able to find it at the bottom right hand side of the screen now. Thanks for checking me out!

Sweet Gypsy Cowgirl said...

HA! I am in! Thanks for showing me the way here! You and I share a couple of common loves...gardening AND Disneyland. If I cannot be in one, I want to be in the other...

Happy Sunday to you!