Friday, May 30, 2008

Up Close @ the Dane County Farmer's Market

The last time I visited the Dane County Farmer's Market it was rainy and I didn't bring the camera out of the car. Last weekend when we visited the temps were warm and the sky was sunny. I nabbed a few closer shots of the fabulous hanging baskets and annuals and perennials available for purchase from the vendors.

The market wraps around the Capital Building Square. There are endless choices...

This time I just picked up 2 basil plants, large leaf and sweet. I tried to grow mine from seed and only the opal basal has germinated. I've successfully grown them from seed in previous years, so I don't know what happened? I also grabbed a small delphinium & Iris. The delphs a variety I've never heard of... I'll share when she blooms.

Here's the Capitol Building. If I'm not mistaken it's a replica of the Capitol in Washington DC, just one foot shorter.

Pansies in a bed outside the Capitol.

View of the market from State Street.

Me. Happy.

Happy gardening!

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