Thursday, May 29, 2008

Raindrops keep falling on my flowers...

I had a pretty great time out in the sprinkling rain with my camera this afternoon. I thought I'd share what's blooming now. Enjoy!

Morden Fireglow rose.

German Chamomile

Things are filling in up front.

An ant gets nectar from a Karl Rosenfeld peony.

Distant Drums rose

Chives in the herb bed.

What I believe and hope to be a clematis "Etiolle Violette" seedling.

Clematis "Ville De Lyon" gets ready to put on a show.

Delphinium, Magic Fountains, Dark Blue, White Bee.

I've had these Irises since we moved in. I moved them from time to time, but never seen the tall/larger ones bloom! I was so delighted (happy dance kind of delighted) to see they're going to be blue!

Centaura Montana, Hardy Bachelor's Buttons.

David Austin rose Brother Cadfael is turning out sepals and about to present his first bloom to me.

Scarlet Knight rose shows how dark she can be.

Christian Dior rose and bud.

Christian Dior rose in the rain.

Clematis "Piilu" (means "little duck" in Estonian) almost all the way open.


Distant Drums rose buds line up behind an open flower.

Happy gardening everyone!

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Anonymous said...

gorgeous photos!

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