Thursday, May 8, 2008

A Local Farmer's Market

Last Saturday my husband had to go in to work for a hour in the morning; we used this trip to Madison as an excuse to attend the local Dane County Farmer's Market--one of the countries very best markets! We usually go a few times a year to purchase an Amish pie, plants, bulbs, bread, and more...

Saturday was rainy and unseasonably cold in the lower 40's at 9am. We bundled up and did a quick walk around the Capitol Square. My husband bought some cheese curds, and an Amish strawberry rhubarb pie. Hands down, its some of the best pie around. I found some plants (I'll share in a second). I usually take pictures of the thousands of flowers and foliage as we're walking, but the rain was not camera friendly. I took a few pictures from the car as we were leaving.

This booth is locally famous for it's hot spicy cheese bread. They keep the bread warm right there, and shout about it to lure you in. LOL. We had it years ago, but this time we decided to try it again. Somethine about the cold and rain called for warm bread. We really enjoyed it! Delicious!

I was able to find some great deals on two perenials. I will say it's easy to get ripped off if you are not vigilant. In some booths the same plant can range from $3-$8. When I saw what I thought would be the lowest price available I nabbed up the plant. Here's a "Black Knight" butterfly bush I found for $2.99, and some Millet 'Purple Majesty" grass that was also $2.99.
Many of the vendors sell their herbs for $5 a pot, which is what I could pay at my local nursery also. I was paying close attention to the herbs b/c my thyme did not make it through the winter and I planned on replacing it. I was happy to find this healthy pot of thyme for $2.75.
Last year I found a genius vendor who cuts out all the frills. I picked up a tiny sliver of lamb's ear wrapped in newspaper for $1, and by mid-summer I had a huge thriving perennial. This year, I made sure to stop at his booth to get some more great deals. For $2 I came home with this little chunk of Pampas Grass.

This euphorbia was $1.

This hardy geranium was also $1.

If you haven't yet tried, I stongly encourage everyone to seek out local plant sales and farmer's markets. I've always had a positive experience. I lovew getting a plant I know someone else was able to grow well in our climate. Also, many of the vendors at the Dane County farmet'ss market own small nurseries, too, and I've made an effort to visit the nurseries throughout the year. In fact, the Flower Factory (previous post) sets up a booth at this market every week. This spring I have several public garden's sales on my to-wish list. Hopefully I'll be able to attend and share my experience with you all.

We will surely return to this market again this season, so I'll be sure to take picture of the attractions up close, next time. Of course, I'll also share the progress of the plants I brought home this time.

Have a great day everyone!

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