Friday, May 23, 2008

A Local Nursery Trip

Last night I took my oldest son with me to the local nursery to get my weekly fix. No budget for purchases this time, outside of a tiny pumpkin plant for Ben, and a small perennial poppy for me. We did have ample time to wander the aisles sticking our noses in everything in sight.
As you can see, we had a lot to choose from. I walked Ben through the tree area and taught him a little about conifers. Then, we browsed perennials; he was so excited to find dandelions in the perennial section (they were tickseed, but close, LOL).

This rose stopped me in my tracks. Imagine my delight to see it was Christopher Marlowe, a David Austin rose I picked up sight-unseen bare root on clearance two weeks ago. Can't wait for it to bloom, now!

Here are some random pretties that caught my eye.

An extra-added treat came when these flew overhead:

There's an airshow in our county this weekend. Ben and I were so excited as they loudly flew right overhead. Very cool.

I did have time enough to add two roses to my wish list. This one caught my eye b/c of the size of the blooms and the color. They looksed surreal, as though they were painted. This is "Purple Passion":
This one is a definate must have. This is "Bolero," part of the Romantica series by Meidland. I have one other from this series, and she's hardy and performs like a star. This was last Bolero they had, and I'm hoping she hangs around until I can afford her.
Happy Gardening everyone!


Jane Marie said...

I loved the roses especially this last picture.
It sounds like you had a nice day with your son at the nursery. He'll remember trips like that forever.


I adore roses! Seems like we have a bit in common. I remember the dogwood outside my bedroom window, carrying forsythia branches for my dad when he trimmed them, and just a generally lovely childhood in the garden! That's when it all begins. Glad to see your son participating