Monday, May 19, 2008

A Few Blooms

I pulled in some more lilacs, and filled up this milk crate with them. I can smell them throughout the house. Delicious.

There are two types of allium here, globemaster and purple sensation. The taller ones are globemaster.
Here's purple sensation close up.

I put my hand in here so you can see how big the blooms are.
Passionflower has been blooming non-stop for a month now. They blooms never cease to captivate me.
Last, but not least, I have entered a friendly rose contest on Garden Buddies to simply see which rose will bloom first--for fun. At first, I entered Perfume Delight, but she croaked. I had entered her as an underdog, as she was the worst looking rose in the yard, and this week I decided she really was not going to grow. I have been allowed to enter this Cl. Pearly Gates in her place. Here's what she looks like now:
Hopefully she'll send up some buds with those leaves soon. Of course, pictures to come...
Have a great day everyone.

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