Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Pretty things...

I had a moment this week where I thought I might pass out. I was out tending to the garden. I stuck an heirloom rose in the ground. (I rescued it from this wretched situation at our Menard's. I won't go on and on... but the old store is closing, and the new store is opening, today actually; the bare root and bagged potted roses were shipped to the old store just in time for the closing. Most of them were not taken out of the box. None were watered. Under one roof there were thousands, if not, more, roses dying or dead. I found one alive and well, an Heirloom, and I brought her home and soaked and planted her promptly. ) If the situation at Menard's wasn't enought to make me pass out, this was: I decided to count my roses. I don't count them, ever, but I did. I have 55. FIFTY-FIVE. Yikes. How did that happen? I am capable of taking care of all of them? Oh, Lord, I have taken on a lot of responsibility, huh?
This is my first Proud Land bloom opening up. I bought this potted plant this spring, and it's been in the ground for 2-3 weeks now. Not the best picture, but pretty still.
Still too early for my existing roses to bloom; they're all still working on building their flower buds. My John Cabot and Morden Centennial are flushing out a hundred sprays or more or 3-5 flowers each, so the show should be pretty spectacular. I can't wait. I stand beside these bushes, which tower over me, and just stare at how many flowers they're putting out this year. the best show yet, by far. Pics to come...
My newest rose 'Distant Drums' has so many stages to its blooms. They open tan, and age to a light pink. Love, love, love the changes this rose undergoes.

My $3 apple tree's still putting on a fragrant show. I think the two apple trees are pollinating one another, so we may get apples this year again.

I'm knocking on wood, but the bunnies have left my lettuce alone. It's nearly ready for salads.
Almost radish time!

Heuchera, 'dolce key lime pie' is blooming.
Editted: This is actually "Lime Rickey." Whoops.
Foxglove pushing up a bloom; the plant itself forms a flowers shape here, so pretty. This variety is a mix, so the bloom color is still unknown. I love surprises.

Baptisia, false indigo, about to make some blue blooms. I've never seen it bloom, as I acquired it after bloom time last year. Very excited.
I've been hovering over this bachelor's button plant for weeks now, as the ants crawl all over the blooms. I think I'll finally get a flower today.

Aquilegia "music red and gold' still pumping out a flush of blooms.

Another aquilegia, spring magic mix, puts out a flush of pink and yellow blooms.
This blue aquilegia alpine, swiss columbine, should open up today also.
Forgive me, but these allium just don't get old to me. LOL.
Here's Globemaster:

This dame's rocket has been on my wish list for 2 years now. Many of the nurseries near me do not sell it, or sell it in pretty limited quantities. Perhaps b/c you can find them on the side of the road near creek beds this time of year, I dunno? But, I was able to nab one up locally, and it's now in bloom. My girlfriend insists they make babies, so I'm excited to spread this one around.
It looks like my wish is finally going to come true. I made sure to budget for and acquire delphiniums this year. In the past I've bought them late in the season, or tried to grow them from seed, and I have never had success. This year, I ammended to soil local to each of their root systems with humus (from a local garden center) to better ensure success. I found all of the different delphinium for $3-5.99--also making sure to try a number of different varieties. Here's one of them, about to bloom. Almost all of them are bursting with buds right now. It's like a party for me, I am so thrilled.
This non-stop begonia is so gorgeous. I'm hooked.
I'll leave you today with my youngest angel-boy watering the wagon planter.

Happy gardening everyone.


cindee said...

Everything is just beautiful. The allium is so stunning in the garden. Mine actually bloomed this year. It was the second year for them. They were much bigger this year then last year too. Hopefully that will continue next year(-:
It was nice you could rescue a rose for your garden. 55 is not to many...I have well over that now...lol I'm addicted to roses too.

Karen said...

Oh I just love your Aquilegia "music red and gold' Ive never seen it before very beautiful along with everything else