Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Critters in the garden...

I thought I was seeing things, for sure. I called Theo to come and look, too. What on earth had made its way into the yard now? A groundhog. He took shelter from my approach under the neighbors deck. I hope he doesn't think he can stay, b/c he can't. No way.

Here's my Laura Jane Bush girl in the yard. She looking "on guard," b/c she's spotted something she wants to chase.

Here's her target. Dern bunnies, probably coming to eat my heucheras like they're lettuce. Don't they smell my dog? Or the bone meal I've put down to deter them? Shoo, bunny. Shoo.

We live less than a mile from vast farmland. As we drive through the more rural parts of our area I often see these beautfiul birds, I think red-winged black birds? I'm awful at identifying birds, but I finally bought a guide, so I'll have to reference it and find out for sure. I have never seen one in our yard, until this week.

He ate from several of the feeders and hung out in the trees for a bit. I hope he comes again.

All these critters in just one week. I don't even photograph the chipmunks and squirrels anymore. I'm definately not in Los Angeles anymore.

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