Monday, May 12, 2008

I have been so busy out in the garden planting bare root roses, the perennials I started indoors, and edibles! My youngest turned two this weekend, and of course, it was Mother's Day... before I know it it'll be Memorial Day... time's going too fast, but I love this of year so much. I just thought I'd pop in and post some pictures I've taken in the last week. I should have some really exciting pics coming up soon here. I have some perennials forming flower buds, and a few even about to open. Here are some pictures of what is blooming or looking fabulous right now.

A Mother' Day post should be coming soon, also. I found some great rose bargains (including David Austin roses), and I planted a dozen rosesbushes!

Apple trees are blooming.

The side of the garage is filling in nicely... sneak peak of our new fence.

My roses should be forming flower buds by weeks end.

Purple tulips and muscari in a vase.

Purple and pink tulips

Lilacs in the kitchen.

Allium 'Purple Sensation" opening up.

Those pansies are performing.

Summer Snapdragon, or angelonia. This is one of those annuals I've read about and been dying to try! I found one for $3.99 at Home Depot.

Bright colors all around.

White (or "pink") lilacs blooming... oh the heavenly scent!

Creeping Phlox

My plumeria has roots! I could throw a party over this discovery, folks. I am way to impatient to grow Plumeria in my climate. It seems to take forever to just look alive, to look less like a stick and more like a plant.

Allium, 'Globemaster' about to burst.

Just another shot of the front yard, tulips, bleeding heart, muscari... lilies coming.

Scarlet Knight, a potted rose I picked up a week ago for $8.50 from Walmart. The tag claims it's hardy to -30, so this beauty should be around for awhile. I simply love its cupped shape. It had a mild rose fragrance, and yellow stamens.

Every year I say, 'I'm not buying petunias' and then some blue petunias seduce me. I was doing great avoiding them (they usually bloom and die in the heat of summer, leaving my containers barren and they look terrible after the rain). But, these petunias are some fancy hybrud that claims to avoid that summer die off. We'll see. I stuck them in the sun, but under the edge of a roof so they don't get wet in the rain hopefully. The smell of petunias is incredible, so I'm glad I did get this one tiny pot of them.

Dahlia Bloody Mary Mix

Snapdragons, Mugho Pine, Roses, Muscari and Hosta


One of my favorite Hostas... don't know it's variety.

Happy gardening everyone!

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cindee said...

Everything looks fabulous!!!(-: Spring is flying by thats for sure. Soon it will be hot here. Is that a wave petunia?