Wednesday, May 21, 2008

This Evening in My Garden

While I long for the lushness of summer, the full beds, overflowing with flowers and foliage, I'm still able to stretch and find some beauty in the garden now.
I have three lantana plants, and for the most part they have not been enjoying the cool nights. This one has perked up, and sent out some big blooms today.
Here's that Centaura Montana, open finally... but now the ants aren't there. Curious?
Here are some of the potted (as opposed to bare root) roses I've acquired & planted this spring. Like I said, it won't be long before my existing roses are blooming, but for now, I'm more than happy to enjoy these blooms:

Here's "Proud Land" fully open finally.
Here's her whole bushy self.

Here's Cl. America again, so full, and pretty darn fragrant, too.

Of course, more allium. I caught the sun on the blooms his evening, and the bush behind it made a nice backdrop. These are my best shots yet.

Inside a full Lamb's Ear plant. I love getting down and inside my plants. I'm certain my neighbors think I'm a wacko, especially when I'm out there talking to the plants. LOL. Doesn't bother me one bit what folks think.

A wonderful spring evening here, not too warm, not too cool. Clear skies, and birds singing.
Hope spring's brought you the same.

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