Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Birds, Blooms, New Combos


I am the ultimate idiot when it comes to identifying birds. It's actually funny. I have books about Wisconsin birding, and I get Birds and Blooms magazine, still I struggle to get bird species correct. I have noticed that the black-capped chickadee-type birds that were nesting in this green house from January- April have moved out, and this little guy has moved in:

I think this is a house wren? She/he makes a ton of song, and works very busily. In fact, there's another house close to this one, and the same bird type set up shop there, too. I have watched them clumsily pulling twigs into the houses and play with each other flying quickly through the branches. They've swooped right over my head. I was planting some daylilies around the bird bath the other night and they didn't see me. One bird actually landed in the bird bath beside me. When I get close too their houses they chirp loudly, almost angrily. I have to pass one of the houses to get the hose knob. Funny little birds. I'm very much enjoying their visit.


I grabbed the camera and ran outside this morning when I let the dog out. I had to get a sniff of this "Proud Land" that is almost open. Again, I have to point out that I bought her potted, so I can't take full credit for her. The black tips on the petals are a mystery to me, but this bud has been formed on the plant for awhile now, so I suspect its from frost or near frost temps. Even tonight we'll be down to 40, despite the previous forecast of near 50 overnight temps! I wish they'd just set a forecast and stick with it--I gotta get Mother Nature's e-mail addy.

Here's rose "Christian Dior," another potted purchase that came with the gift of buds. She's a brighter red, looks like I'm going to like her. When I saw the name of the rose I had to have her; I've worn Christian Dior's "Hypnotic Poison" perfume for years now, and it's my favorite.

Another "Distant Drums" bloom coming.

Some more stock, "vintage" blooming on the patio. They look like little mini double hollyhocks, and smell like heaven.

Remember my 50 cent primroses? They're still pumping out blooms. Never mind the chunk out one flower, nature has to eat you know, they're still purty.
I was hoping this little guy would be open today. It was yesterday. I think these are one of those flowers that open and close with the sunlight. Tease! I'll have to head out when the sun is all the way out.
I planted these chives from seed last year, and am so proud of how well they are doing. I added them to a chicken dish I made the other night, with fresh oregano here. I would share, but the dish was a white trash last minute thing; hey, the kids and dad loved it, so I guess it worked.

New Combo

Now that I have a fence, I have to load up with growing goodness. I added this Cl. America rose last week. She's pretty, but she looks lonley, don't you think?

I could not resist this healthy looking "President" Clematis. In my years of obsession with clematis I have coveted the "President" but never found one that looked healthy enough at a decent price. I picked up this beauty at the ol' Home Depot.

I just have to say, some of Home Depot's prices shock me... and I hate to get anything there that I can find from a local nursery for a better price. I had walked through Farm and Fleet's garden section a week ago to get squash and peppers (and annuals for $1.19 a 4 pack, can't beat that). I noticed F & F had Endless Summer Hydrangeas in big pots for $9.99. The exact same hydrangea, in the exact same pot size and color was $17.99 at Home Depot last night! Yikes.

Anyway, here's Cl. America with her new bedmate, "President" clematis. The colors are brighter than anything else in the garden, but b/c they are beside the kids' clubhouse, and in a place where I can see them when I look out most our windows, I couldn't resist.

Happy gardening everyone!


Viooltje said...

I have totally enjoyed all of your garden, photos and witty 'doodling' LOL. Especially reading 'about you' parts. I know gardeners are a special brand of people but not so often do you run into someone so intriguing, amusing and inspiring at the same time. I have too rambled through my nanna's garden since I could remember, enjoyed nature with full lungs, but only in my 20s have I rediscovered the nutjob gardener in me. You're one special momma and it's just beyond delight to see those adorable little angels gardening at your side.

Greetings from the Mediterranean!

Karen said...

I do love your roses of course I'm bias as roses are a favorite of mine :)