Saturday, April 30, 2011

What was the Robin thinking?

I had to go out and get a picture of the nest a robin has built in my sons' clubhouse, but while I was out there I could not resist taking a few pictures of the spring bulbs again. The light was just right- and the tulips are just opening up. The daffs are still going strong.

The love muscari!

Pink hyacinth at peak!

And the tulips, so strong!
Apricot Impression

Another Darwin variety 'Daydream'

Red Impression

And here's the robin's nest- in the seat of my kid's tricycle! Silly bird. My youngest already broke one of the eggs, but we've been trying very, very hard to leave them alone. I wonder how long until they hatch? We move in less than a month... anyone know?

Happy Spring!

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