Tuesday, April 12, 2011

New Fairy Garden

I've shared my love for fairy gardens before here and here. This week I made a new one. I used a container I've had forever- found for $3 at Farm and Fleet years ago, used as toad/frog pond last year, and now the plugs have been removed and it can drain. I took some stuff from my now overcrowded wagon fairy garden and moved it into here. And I added this gazebo for $12 from the local garden center that just started carrying fairy stuff. I've had the rosemary topiary for years now, and I thought it worked perfectly as a "tree." The creeping wire vine was in my bathroom for years, and now can scale the side of the arbor and provide shade for the fairies. The two cacti came from a CVS pharmacy for $1.99, and the rest of the succulents came from random containers, and my outdoor garden. I moved this bench , watering can, shovel and these pots from the other fairy garden, where many of them were duplicates I found at yard sales in sets. The bunny is from Farm and Fleet kid's toy section. My son Ben also created his own succulent garden! He picked out these two cacti, and added the sea shell from his Grandma.

Happy gardening!

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