Thursday, April 14, 2011

Another Succulent Planter

I couldn't help it. I made another whimsical succulent planter. I've had this basket for years, and tried tons of different plants it in- including geraniums, lobelia, and other succulents. All did okay, but none looked too fabulous because it's such a small container that hold very little water. Daily watering is almost essential with one like this- unless of course it's filled with drought tolerant succulents. I've been breaking down some of my smaller containers and putting succulents together. Easier to move that way. Theo broke the feet off this little cherub and I could not part with her. I'm hoping the succulents cover up here lack of feet soon. The only new things in here are the two rosette shaped succulents in front- both $1.99. Sedum 'angelina' is straight from the garden, as well as the hens and chicks. The pea vine in the right hand corner came from my mom's garden, and the white. The silvery graptopetalum in the bottom left hand corner is from my aunt's garden in California. It still feels pretty empty, so I may add some more hens and chicks.
Happy gardening!

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