Tuesday, April 5, 2011

New Succulent Container

My local garden center just jumped on the fairy garden bandwagon, and have been receiving huge shipments of all sorts of goodies for the fairies, including pint sized gazebos, benches, hardscaping... all very hard to resist for my fairy garden! I got a few accessories, but I jumped for joy when I walked in to find a shipment of colorful succulents! To say their selection of succulents has been, um, lacking, was an understatement. I have had to get my goodies on road trips to California, or at nursery about an hour and half away, until now. So, for my birthday this week (I guess I turned 32, I thought I was turning 33 until the day after when my husband corrected my always terrible math), I made myself a new succulent container. I've had this great wall hanging basket for years. I bought it at a flea market and filled with it ivy geraniums, overwintering it indoors. They gernaiums outgrew the pot, and graduated to a larger hanging basket, and the poor planter sat in the basement empty all of last year. I took it outside, sprayed it clean with a hose, and went to work. Ta Da! In the first pot we have Sempervivum 'Maria Laach,' Graptoveria 'Titubans,' Aeonium 'Silver Edge,' and some lavender hens and chicks I plucked out of my front yard. In the middle we have more aeonium 'Silver Edge' and an unnamed large silvery beauty (I think an aeonium, also), plus a tiny cutting of sedum 'red dragon,'' which I think will bring out the red in the Sempervivum even more.

Finally, in the third pot, I placed Pachyveria 'Royal Flush,' Echeveria 'Black Prince,' some cuttings from the another silvery aeonium I have, and some bronze hens and chicks from the garden.

I can't wait t hang this beauty up on a sunny wall outside our new house!

Happy Gardening!


garden girl said...

Nice! I've never gotten into succulents (other than tall sedums, and some hen and chicks I added to a client's garden.) Then my friend Monica shared a pad from her prickly pear cactus, Next my middle daughter decided she wanted succulents in her wedding bouquet when she gets married next year.

We took a trip to a local nursery that specializes in them so I can grow and propagate them for her. I'm really enjoying these unique and fascinating plants.

Larry said...

I love the succulents as well... your container looks great!! L

Jamie said...

They are wonderful. I'm originally from southern California, so I grew up admiring succulents all around me. I think my obsession with them now makes me feel connected to my home. The wedding idea sounds wonderful! I sell stuff on Etsy, and there are shops there that sell cuttings just for the purpose of propagating and making wedding decor- worth checking out!
Thanks, Larry!