Sunday, April 10, 2011

A Few Blooms

Not having the brightest of times lately, ( even though things are looking up day by day, and my life is still full of many blessings), so when I saw this giant neon orange ranunculus at Walmart it was totally with the $3. Having this huge beauty on my front porch every time I come and go dims the sound of my fighting kids, and amplifies the sounds of the birds in the tree nearby. It's all about changing the focus. But I couldn't have her lonely- these creamy white beauties had to share a pot with the orange lady above. And I finally tried a Cyclamen. I hope to keep it alive through the cool temps, and I also plan on keeping the bulb over summer dormancy, and starting it up again in the early fall. Wish me luck. Even if I never see it blooms again, these electric pink blooms have brightened my spring! 'Laser Synchro Wine Flame' Some more crocus opening up. This stripey beauty is wonderful. As are these multi-hued pretties.
Happy Spring!

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