Monday, April 18, 2011

Snow on Spring Flowers

We are under a blanket of the fluffy stuff here in Southern Wisconsin this morning. I ran out to get a few shots of the poor spring bloomers sagging under heavy, wet, snow. This Hyacinth looks so sad. A slushy droplet of water hangs from this forsythia bloom. The daffs look ashamed. It's kinda funny.

This one is shaking her head... why mother nature? Why?

The Tolleymore Spruce, however looks right at home.

As does this threadleaf cypress.

The ranunculus are wishing they weren't left outside overnight.

Happy Spring, everyone!


Belladonna said...

OH MY. Here I was feeling left out and ready for a bit of a pout after reading a few garden blogs by folks in the sunny south who have far more blooming than I do here in Idaho. Then I read yours and counted myself grateful for the sunshine I do have even if it is still kind of cold here. I guess we each make our peace with where ever we have landed and instead of coveting our neighbor's ground we bloom where we are planted on whatever time table that means! (HMMM that sounds like good council both in and out of the garden.)

Jamie said...

True, true.