Saturday, April 16, 2011

Hot Colors!

Having a gloomy, rainy, and cold weekend here in southern Wisconsin. EDIT: IT SNOWED HERE FOR TWO HOURS! Saw snow falling in the town we are moving to in Minnesota. I've been under the weather, and spending a lot of time with my blank garden journal and my gardening books and magazines, planning the garden I will planting at our rental house! The house we've signed a lease with has flower beds all around the backyard that need cleaning up, according to the landlord, and he doesn't mind if I rip up some grass and make my own beds, too. There a veggie bed there, too. I could not be more thrilled!! i know I'll have to show some restraint, but atleast I get to keep my plants. My focus right now has been designing combinations. I have a lot of color in my garden- from echinacea, dahlias, clematis, roses, lilies... lots of different hues. I thought I'd brighten our winterish day with some HOT colors from last years garden.

And this visions Astible isn't actually "hot," but it is definately electric!

Happy gardening!


Ryan said...

Your dahlia's are awesome!!! The cactus ones are my fav. I have some Astilbes about to bloom for the first time, can't wait to see what color they are.

Jamie said...

Thank you! I added 7 more to my collection this spring from an online nursery. I am also so thrilled I had 100% survival rate on my tubers from last year. Here in the cold northern winters we have to dig every tuber up and store them until around June 1st!