Sunday, May 20, 2012

Early Clematis

This is my favorite time of the gardening season. The roses are all about to pop, and the early clematis have started. I have been taking a few pictures here and there, but overall pretty excited that most of the clematis made the transition to Minnesota with ease. There were two in the yard when we got here, and now there are 45. This is one of the existing clematis I was delighted to find in the yard when we moved here, Miss Bateman:
 Blue Light:
 Unknown, possibly Dr. Ruppel?
My favorite, Elsa Spaeth:

Beautiful Lemon Chiffon:
Multi-Blue growing through Henry Kelsey rose.
 Rouge Cardinal:
Cardinal Wyzinski:

So many more to come!


Marian said... what country you live?
Your garden is so much further than mine...

Jamie said...

We are in central Minnesota,US but having a very early year- about 3 weeks ahead of normal. Thank you!