Saturday, May 12, 2012

Aquilegia from Winter Sowing

Back in the winter of 2010 I tried my first winter sowing in milk jugs in the backyard. I was thrilled to see how well it works, and grew tons of poppies and columbine (and more). I had tried columbine for years with sort of blah results. The waiting for winter stratification took so long, and often the seed would get lost from crutters, etc. But winter sowing? I had a milk jug full of seedlings ready for transplant. Well they don't bloom the first season, so when we moved I made rom for every one year old seedling I could fit, and finally I am able to see the fruits of my labor. Boy, am I excited!!! A long wait, but well worth it!! Look at all the spectacular blooms!

And this isn't even all of them! I have some more just opening up, too. Pretty awesome! The best part? I winter sowed more the next year, and they should be blooming next season!

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