Monday, May 7, 2012

Has the rain really gone?

I was genuinely starting to think the rain would kill most of my plants if it didn't stop soon. Don't get me wrong, I love rain, certainly prefer it to drought or having to water, but in a perfect world mother nature gives the ground a wee bit of time to dry up in between 1" and 3" rainfalls. We got almost 3" the other night! Saturated doesn't cover it. Thankfully we are on a hill, or bluff, and it is not a flooding issue. Today they forecast sun, low 60's, and only a 10% chance for percipitation all day. Here's to hoping. I'd like to get all my succulents and cacti back outside!
 Easily the greatest thing about rehabbing an old garden is finding treasures. Sure, it can be a headache deciding if something is a weed, an invasive, desirable, or salvagable, but once you know... it can be rewarding. I found these blooming, and identified them as, Uvularia grandiflora (Great Merrybells, Bellwort). They bloomed early enough that not much else in this bed was much to look at. So welcome merrybells. I will be allowing you to stay.
 I was a bit bummed that very few hyacinth turned out blooms for me this year. I did get 3 pretty onces from the yellow I picked up last fall. I wish I would have clipped them about brought them in, but they were right on the front walk, and I thought I'd leave them there to bring passersby a smile. Note to self: invest in hyacinth bulbs and plant a cutting garden in the back.
Finally, I was searching my beloved Etsy last night and found this sign. I so WANT this for my garden! How funny is this? I have fairies all over, so I think this would super funny in my garden somewhere.  
Merry spring everyone! A post about whimsy coming soon.

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