Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Panoramic Fun

I've never used the panoramic mode on my camera before. I know, punch me. I played with it the other day and had a ton of fun. I thought it was a nice way to show my mom, and most of my friends who almost all live hundreds or thousands of miles away, our yard. Not every panoramic came out quite perfect; they can get wonky and look distorted, but for the most part, they are fun looking. Enjoy!
Our front yard, driveway and driveway border garden are the left:
This is the driveway garden border:
This is the walkway to the back yard, our side door is to the right here, garage to the left:
When you get through that path you see this to your left:
This is from the very middle of our back yard, looking straight back:
From the middle of the back yard looking to the right. Kids clubhouse, future home of the pond we were given this week!!!:
Close up of the shade bed to the far right of the previous picture:
The long left side border, still filling in:
The very back of the yard, taken from the right hand rear side. Veggie garden is in the rear left of this picture, rose garden in the foreground left side, dahlias on the cement (also future home of the greenhouse), back border on the right.
Fun, huh? Can't wait to take more when the flowers are all blooming! 

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